Think about all the corporate events you attended. Team building activities, christmas parties etc… However lame the party is you know that you can rely on food and drinks. After all the best business meetings are the ones that they serve food.

Food is not a need anymore. We have foodies, gourmets and chefs emerging among us. We all have our friends dreaming about opening their own restaurants to lose their white collar for white aprons.

Here at Gourmet Holidays we say “why food should be a side activity or a need?” With this thought in our mind we created corporate events with the center of attention on food. We try to appeal to the foodie, gourmet or chef in you by offering culinary walks, kitchen workshops and many other activities. The only thing we are trying to achieve is to send you home with a full stomach and a big smile!

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Culinary Walks

Cooking Workshops

Dinner Cruises

Mixology Workshops

Event Catering

Outdoor BBQ

Wine Tasting

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