An Evening in Beyoglu/Pera

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A culinary experience in the heart of Istanbul where different colours of culture and history unveils as your taste buds are having a field day

We say why have dinner in one when you can try 5 different places with each offering a look into the food culture and history of Istanbul. By choosing places from the cold north, to the dessert hot south part of Turkey, from featured on TV shows to the hidden gem in an small alleyway, we will definitely shed a light to the contrast that Istanbulites experience everyday living in this huge metropolis.

After the 3-hours you spend in Beyoglu which will stretch your senses to certain extreme you will need a drink and that is exactly what we will offer you in our final stop. A cocktail or a glass of Turkish wine or maybe even Raki a traditional Turkish beverage aka Lion’s milk in a place with locals will help you to digest all that you experienced.

A Day on Both Sides of Bosphorus

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Is this city European or Asian? Eat your way through the both parts of the city while trying to find an answer to the ultimate question.

Istanbul is a city of contrast. Our walk aims to guide you through the old and new parts of the city and give you an insight of the daily local life.

We start on the European side and will take you to a breakfast spot founded in the very end of Ottoman Empire era to enjoy some real Turkish breakfast secrets. Seeing Istanbul from the Bosporus while on a ferry is the best way to understand this cities charm and that is what we will do. When you arrive on the Asian side do not expect step into Chinatown. With its rather unexplored territory for the tourist this side offers a lot of local delicacies.We make 4-5 stops in different shops to sample lots of great food so we recommend you to plan for a light dinner after the day you spend with us.

By the time our walk is done some questions might still remain but you will definitely have a better idea of what it can be to live in Istanbul. You can go ahead and have a much better experience.

A Coffee Adventure along Golden Horn

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Did you know that Ottoman’s are the reason beyond why you have to have your coffee in the mornings before anything else? And you do fancy yourself as a coffee aficionado? Then let us take you through the city while telling you the history of the coffee from 14th century till today!!!

Our tour will be covering from old traditional coffee houses (first wave of coffee makers) to new trendy places (third wave of coffee makers) while explaining why you should avoid second wave.

We will start around the Spice Market with a light breakfast where you will taste your first coffee and continue through the streets of the old peninsula to sample more. Before lunch you will cross the Golden Horn to Karakoy district where the new and trendy crowd gets their morning kicks. There if available we will meet a coffee enthusiast who will give us a little lecture about coffee where you can learn the importance, the differences and the ways to drink between these awesome tastes from the strongest to the regular, from the east to the west. Our tour will end with a delightful lunch in a typical local mama’s and papa’s style place tucked away from untrained eyes in a very old commercial part of the area.

Here is an anonymous saying from Turkish language which will make more sense at the end of the tour, “A cup of coffee made and drank together commits one to a forty years of loyalty and friendship with another” . So, are you in?

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